Monday, September 5, 2011

First Day of Classes!

Well, today was a  bit of a crazy day. First day of classes, and college classes at that. Woke up at 7:45am (that wasn't too fun), got breakfast, then headed over to my first class, Renaissance Art History. After that, I had a 4 hour break until my next class. We hopped on the bus into town. I've talked about going into town a lot, but I might as well show the central hub we basically revolve around. The bus we take from the campus into town (bus 25, not that there's any specific reason you need to know that) takes us to here, and we pick it up here to take it back to he campus. This is Piazza San Marco:

Once we got into town, the group wanted to grab a slice of pizza (despite what everyone says, the pizza here is amazing) Rather than eating, I figured I'd do some shooting while waiting for the rest of the guys to eat. First of all, here is where we were eating:

I've eaten there once before. It's not cheap, but it is oh-so delicious. It also just so happens to be right next to the famous Duomo that you've seen in numerous shots. If you don't remember, this is the Duomo:

However, what you probably haven't seen is the absurd amount of tourists that are in this area every day.

Finally, the group finished up eating and we were now headed off to the book store to get our books. Even when getting books, Taaj (a fellow F&M classmate studying abroad with us) manages to keep the enthusiasm levels through the roof.

We got our books (at a discount since some were used), then everyone else headed back to the dorms while I stayed in town waiting for 2:30pm to roll around. There I was, all on my own for the first time. Usually, that kind of situation doesn't bother me, but considering I'm thousands of miles away from my home in a very foreign country, it's excusable. Armed with my trusty Canon, three lenses, and a map of the town, I was ready to take on firenze. 

I ventured to the address I was given for my photo class, getting lost numerous times on the way. However, getting lost does have its benefits; I found new photo opportunities and a nice little cafe. I bought an espresso, sat down at the cafe, and watched the people walk by for a few minutes and eventually had to uproot from my newly found haven, eventually making my way to the photo studio. Once I arrived at the studio, I walked around a bit more (since I still had time to kill) and found yet another beautiful street (I'm beginning to even wonder if there is a street that isn't beautiful):

I finally made it to photo class and met my fellow photographer classmates. I also met with my professor, who was incredibly interesting to speak with, got a tour of the studio, and went over the class details. I'm very excited for some of the upcoming events in my photo class, but I'll save those for another date (don't worry, I'll definitely be explaining those in detail at a later date). Afterwards, I went back to the campus for my Italian class.

If you are reading this, Mr. Laduca, I just want to say thank you for teaching me Italian over the summer. It was so helpful knowing some Italian going into the course, especially when the professor spoke Italian 90% of the time. I'm really considering following up on my Italian at Franklin and Marshall.

The rest of the night wasn't nearly as interesting, so I'm going to cut the blog entry off soon. Needless to say, now that classes started, things are getting much busier and time isn't as free as it was last week. It's 1:35am, yet I found that I was unable to go to bed without posting my blog entry first. This blogging is turning into an addiction.

As always, check out the rest of my photos at and hopefully I won't be as tight on time tomorrow. Let's see what tomorrow brings!

Buono Notte!


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