Monday, September 12, 2011

Warped Speed

Now that we are all settled in, time is certainly started to move at a much quicker rate. When I first got here, the days seemed to go by at a very moderate pace. Today, I had to second guess myself when I saw that today was the 12th! So, I have a bit of catching up to do.

I had planed on doing a blog post yesterday, but there was a rather large change of plans. If you remember, I said that I was going to Lucca yesterday. Well, I'm not much of a morning person, if you were unaware. I got to bed at what I recall being 3-4am Sunday morning, and we were supposed to be leaving by 9am. I had planed to just tough it out, but when my alarm went off at 8am, there was no getting me up. So much for the Lucca trip. Although, on a more positive note, I think it was to my benefit. I was able to get all of my extra work finished up, sort through photos, and, more or less, knock a ton of things off of the to-do list.

And that now leads us to today. I was experimenting with a new photo technique (at least new to me) called free-lensing. In simple terms, you unscrew the lens from the camera and move it around until what you want is in focus. It yields some interesting results, but I don't have any proper shots worth posting yet. In between my morning class and afternoon photo class, I snapped a few shots and not too much more. I really need to do some night shooting rather than this mid day shooting. I also need to go shopping for clothes... Ok, back on track.

I've wanted to do this shot every time I walked by the duomo, so today I finally had a chance.

Also, here's yet another view of the duomo (sorry if you're getting tired of it, but I'm always hovering around it and it always looks so good!)

And a shot I forgot to post from the Villa La Pietra Garden... just one of the many sculptures there

And that just about warps it up for today's post. Hope you enjoyed reading!


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