Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something Different

Today I had a lot of free time. Too much almost. But, it's certainly not a bad thing. I'm, for once, ahead on my homework. I'm writing my post now since I won't have time tonight most likely. I've been reading almost all day, finished my photo project, and finished one of the videos I took here. Tonight, we are going to watch an Italian Film for one of the NYU courses.

Now, let me explain the title. Usually I post photos, as I'm sure you're aware. Well, I have a video for you guys today. Nothing incredibly artistic, but rather than taking photos, I thought I'd take a video (since I figured no one else would be). On Saturday we celebrated Alex and Taaj's birthday, we got them a cake and everything. They were totally surprised! Anyways, here's a short little video I put together:


Sorry, I can't directly embed it into the blog for some reason (probably because Yahoo and Google are basically arch enemies).

In addition to this, I'll be modifying my blog for probably the next few days. I'm still trying to decide on a look I want. I got tired of the photo for the background, I prefer a more minimalistic approach.

Well, that's about it for today. Hopefully next time I'll be back with photos!


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