Saturday, September 10, 2011

Recharge Day

Today was a pretty calm day. We ended up getting to bed around 3am I believe, so I spent a good portion of the morning just trying to regain my energy. Other than that, I caught up on reading and homework. Sorry, but no exciting story for today. Although, I must say, sitting out around the villa reading is incredibly relaxing. This is such an amazing campus to be staying at.

As promised, here are some more shots. These are left overs from yesterday, in the sense that I didn't have time to edit them. There are some more shots I have left, so expect some additional photos! 

Here's a nice view from the garden behind Villa La Pietra:

And here's one photo from the garden:

As always, check for more photos! I only post a handful of my photos on the blog, but all of them can be found on my flickr!

Tomorrow we are going to visit Lucca, so I'll have to find some time in between the trip, going out, and homework to finish editing pics and write my blog post.

Have a great day and hope you enjoyed reading! Please, pass the word around and spread my blog with all of your friends and family!


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