Thursday, September 1, 2011

Traveling Day Complete!

Well, after a long day of traveling (I'm still not sure of what day it is at the moment), I've arrived in firenze! I'm much more jet-lagged than I had expected to be. I went to bed around 5AM Wednesday, woke up at 8AM, flew to Munich at about 6PM and eventually reached Florence at 10:30AM Thursday (Florence Time Zone, 4:30AM EST).

Most of the traveling seems like a haze at this point, I feel like I just woke up, said goodbye to my family, then, in the blink of an eye, I was standing outside of the firenze airport attempting to find a taxi to take me to the Ville.

Overall, the traveling went relatively smooth though. After reaching Ville Natalia, I had my first two hours of orientation at the Odeon Theatre in firenze. Then we took a very brief tour of the campus and called it a day. Later tonight I'm hoping to go outside and shoot some pictures. If not tonight, then soon.

Keep checking back for more updates!


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